Automate Hundreds of Your Dispensary Sales Compliantly

ACE Direct automates retail sales compliantly in store and online by using live labeling and sealing technology that directly integrates with your cannabis POS.

We are in use and compliant in CO for over a year and actively servicing other markets now!

Fast, Compliant & Powerful

ACE works in real time with your POS to ensure patient limits are enabled at time of purchase. ACE then closes out the sale and communicates to your POS that the sales has been taken care of. All you have to do is assign a register and a sales location!

Fast Checkout

ACE automates and simplifies the buying process for customers who don’t require an elevated level of engagement and expertise while integrated into your loyalty provider.

Automate Order Fulfillment

ACE not only automates in store orders, but also when customers shop online and is ready at the time of order completion.

Total Compliance

ACE is the first fully automated cannabis vending kiosk to fully package, live label, and dispense cannabis products while meeting or exceeding compliance requirements.

A Price To Suit Everyone

Contact a consultant and explore options for your dispensary!

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